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Icons - 1/23/10

xHetalia - 49
xVocaloid - 10
xMisc. - 8

Icons in here!Collapse )


Writer's Block: First Things First

What’s the first thing you do when you log into your computer everyday?

Go on either:
  • Facebook
  • DeviantART
  • Hetalia LJ community
  • MyAnimeList

Writer's Block: Gifted Ideas

What’s the perfect gift to give to the person who has everything?

A slap in the face.

Writer's Block: My Favorite Apps

What are your favorite web or mobile apps? Which ones do you use everyday?

I don't use any apps on my phone (I have the OLD LG Chocolate, it sucks and can't even read the SD card anymore), and I guess the only web app I use is Greasemonkey sometimes.

10-12 Fanarts

In a few hours, I will be 15, so what better time to post a journal?

My tablet started to work again, and I was able to color in one of my fanart pieces.

Fem!Talia (Felicia). She is just too adorable~And I really love how this came out!

This is another Felicia pic I did, but on the tablet alone.

lmao, I have two different styles from pencils to tablet XD

And some old art:

Belarus <3

Panda!China! Isn't he cute, aru?!

I guess I should put my DeviantART account: http://www.gottaluvthev13.deviantart.com/

Thanks for viewing my crappy art~

The Third Signature

Title: The Third Signature
Author/Artist: Me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): North Italy, hints of Germany/N. Italy, mentions of Romano
Rating: PG for mild language I guess
Warnings: Angst, sadness, crappy writing
Summary: That October day the declaration was sent, many emotions filled the Italians. One full of happiness, one of disdain.

It's over, he thought.

The declaration had been sent.

Italy knew that a letter of that importance would be delivered the same day. It had already been typed up and everything. All that was needed were the signatures. You can tell a lot about people from them. One was signed gracefully, yet flourished. It had been art in itself the way it had been written, radiating true joy and happiness:

Italia Romano.

Romano was in a joyous mood, why wouldn't he be? Not only was he joining the winning team, he was declaring war on that Potato Bastard! His mark on that paper was much more beautiful than that of his younger.

Italia Veneziano. 

It was slow and choppy, with blots of ink from when he had paused, wishing for this all to be a terrible dream, to wake up next to his comrade in bed, where he wanted to be the most at that moment. The sudden jerks of ink from when his brother shouted, "Hurry up, dammit! The sooner that kraut gets it, the better!" There were also blotches of smeared ink, weak paper, and the telltale scent of salt from the tears that had fallen onto the paper. They were Italy's tears, making their own signature. All too quickly, the letter was sent. The title was burned into Italy's mind:

Declaration of War.

It pained him to see those words. How could he declare war on his comrade, his ally, his best friend? He thought of when they had first become allies. How they had formed their pact of steel, how Italy came up with the name, Axis Powers. He also remembered the damned promise he said he'd keep.

"If I'm ever in a pinch, you can help me. And if you're ever in a pinch, I'll help you."

Italy choked on that thought, knowing that he hadn't helped him at all. It was always Germany coming to his rescue, Germany saving him from England, Germany saving him from traps, Germany knowing he was too weak. And what had Italy done to repay him? Side with the Allies! Bitter tears stung his eyes, much like the ones that sealed his name on the letter. The third signature. The one of guilt, depression, and betrayal. On this autumn day, those emotions were spread, knowing that the next victim would be the recipient of these terrible emotions. Germany would soon find out, as he opened the envelope.

Random author notes no one cares about! According to many sources (Wikipedia), Italy joined up with the Allied Forces after losing the battle from September 3rd, 1943--September 16, 1943. However, on October 13, 1943, Italy formally declared war on Germany. October 13, to me personally is a pretty important day. IT'S MAH BIRTHDAY. Haha, yeah. When I found out about that happening on my birthday, I was in the Hetalia fandom. So of COURSE I wanted to write an angsty fic about my favorite couple declaring war 51 years to the day before I was born! I mean, who wouldn't?! But seriously, I was going to write a fic about this, I just happened to find out the actual event happened on my birthday. (I thought the declaring war thing happened in September...that's what you get for going 2 years without learning about WWII!) But anyways, I got the idea from the title from the Code Geass OST, "The First Signature." The music doesn't go with the fic though that much..."Stories" is more of the song that fits this, IMO. Fanfiction.net is down for me at the time, but expect this to be on it when it comes back up. Thanks for putting up with this fiction, and the notes that are longer than the actual story! orz

Art dump 8D

lol, yeah, Art :3 This is all from my DeviantART account, but it's in my scraps, so don't bother looking for it. My tablet is acting stupid, so until it's done acting stupid, my art isn't going to have color. *angst* So...here's some sketches!

Comic I did at 3 in the morning...the dog is Fluffy from Harry Potter...I've recently gotten into HP (lol, late~), and I'm on book 3. I have other HP/APH art, for example:


Arthur and Ivan...Iggy's in Gryffindor and Russia's in Slytherin...lol, yeah...with color it'll look awesome.

Why, yes, that IS Poland in Gothic Lolita! Hahahahaha....I have no idea why I drew that...

Here's how I got my idea: I was at some park concert, and I asked my dad, "Pick a country." Knowing I'm into Hetalia, he said, "Draw Prussia, ballet dancing." So...here it is! I can't draw hands, legs or feet to save my life OTL

But this pic I'm proud of:

GANGSTA!Doitsu in the HIZ-OUSE! This'll be one of the best ones I've drawn...MY EGO IS BOOSTING~! Thanks to my loving mom for posing her hand for a model! And Italy is sooo his homeboi...XD;; If you don't get it, Prussia calls Germany "West," riite? So, I was randomly thinking, "West....siiiiiiide!" Just wait, I'm going to draw GerIta with West Side Story. JUST YOU WAIIT....!

So, that's all the artwork for today, just a bunch of crappy sketches. Expect colored ones soon~!


Hetalia School life by Toro-chan
Favorite Country
Country you live in
Your Homeroom Teacher
Your Literacy Teacher
Your Math Teacher
Your Science Teacher
Your PE Teacher
Your Music Teacher
Art Teacher
Your Crush
SexED. Teacher
Your Counsler
Who becomes your Lover
Your Tutor
Your GradeD

Hetalia Quiz thing...

Your Hetalia Family by juniormint
Favorite Character
Country you live in
Sibling #1
Sibling #2
Best Friend

Random quiz

Yeah...my avvie XD Random quiz tiem!


1. Go to the 4th folder in your computer where you store your pictures.
2. Pick the 4th picture in that folder.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Tag 4 people to do the same!

Well, I have only 3 picture folders, so...

Folder #1--Neko-Lelouch tied up with pink ribbon. It's my profile pic on Fanfiction.net
Folder #2--Old Kataang icon...so old it's when Katara and Sokka found Aang in the iceburg XD
Folder #3--Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok desktop I found online. I need to rewatch that anime~

Well, that was random. I have to go work on some art, MAL is down (Thank God, MyAnimeList has been infested with trolls...>.>)

Ah, never mind, it's back up.

But...yeah, today's my 1 year anniversary on that site. It's also my parent's. 16th I think. Yeah.

So...I'm gonna go lurk some more, and maybe draw. Yeah, that's how I roll~


I should post on here moar often...